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Ugh my dad took the day off of work so he’s just been home making me do things and taking up my Friday afternoon.

I expect my weekends to be taken up because that’s when they’re SUPPOSED to be home.  LEAVE MY WEEKDAYS ALONE.

  • Mom:

    Good night. *sarcastic tone* Nice talking to you today,

  • Me internally:

    FFS go to bed already, you just wander in here and talk about stuff I don't care about even a little, tell me what to do. You don't get to decide what I do with my time, and you even know that a new expansion to WoW came out and clearly that's what I'm doing. So leave me alone and let me do what makes me happy.

  • Me out loud:

    Good night.

There are times when my friend will tell me something and I won’t know what to say or how to react, so I’ll just say “I understand, but I don’t know how to properly react to that.”  It makes me a really bad shoulder to cry on but at least I cheer them up because I’m really awkward???  I at least get points for being honest and no one has dropped me as a friend or anything because of it. :x

I remember why we're friends...

  • Her:

    i just need you to be out of your house doing things

  • Me:'s basically an excuse to talk about things that are important to us

  • Me:

    that are geeky

  • Her:

    thats what i like to hear

  • Her:

    i just dont want you to get back to hat incredibly dark place that you inevitably go whenever you're stuck at home

  • Me:

    yeah >< I'm really trying not to

  • Her:

    i believe in you

  • Her:


I tried to post a picture of my ace scarf in progress, but my phone is rebelling and not letting that happen I guess.  But I spent my whole day crocheting (just about) and it’s almost done!  I need to try to figure out how to fix a mistake though, but I have a plan so hopefully it won’t be an issue because otherwise it looks pretty good so far.

Unclear if I’ll add fringe - but I might have to to hide the fact that I suck at turning and starting new rows. :\  (however, better than my first scarf attempt so I don’t feel that bad)

I also tried to make a ball today.  It was a struggle but it looks ball-like.  Mistakes everywhere, but it is spherical.

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